Translationalwellness translates innovation, discoveries, data, resarch, outcomes and objective atainment continuously into processes that assure care for individuals and human populations.   Translation into understanding of humans and workers at conscious levels(Xvalue), more intricately than conscous levels(Yvalue), and delivering positive valences(deepvalue), enables enhancement of self care, care, search, innovation, and programs in achieving oubtcomes to enhance valances. Rapid Empowerment. Wholistic Western Traditional Modern Medicine Osteopathic Clinical Molecular Metabolic Social Behavioral supplemental experimental clinical study environmental activemedicine amehsi centrepoint choline phosphatidylcholine vitamin U B12 B6 betaine demthylacetothetin thetine Phosphatidylethanolamine  phosphatidylmonomethylethanolamine phosphatidyldimethylethanolamine enriched phosphatidylcholine trimethylsuflonium methylsulfonylmethane Phospahtidylserine DHA decosahexaenoic Rubisco Palmitoylate CH3 Methyl Groups Clean Water Clean Electromagnetic current Agrin extracellular matrix fattyacid, Omega3 hexose monophsphate  Pentose phosphate Electran Transport NAd+/NADH ratio nongmo natural organic EMF protection glutathione cystathionine cysteine Sadenosylmethionine 33DMB olive oil olive with chocolate active hexose correlated compound  curcumin berberine irinotecan probiotic prebiotic postbiotic macrobiotic  broadspectrumantibiotic G4stabilization gsk3binhibitor/watercress/circumin MATH+ therapy   HAT therapy  B vitamins EnlyteRX  folate methyltetrahydrofolate selenium trimethylselenonium oxytocin lysophosphatiylcholine tripchloride selenomethionine sulfobetaine pregnenolone  tetrahydrobiopterin wholeglandular supplement   bonepowder  smethylmethioninesulfonium  housing nutrition healthserviceaccess transportation education communication clothing excercise socialinteraction rehabilitation opportunity  stability security