This website presents information, software and Services, that translated data, human outcomes, and events into information and insight which can improve human behavior, human physiology and produce sustainable wellness. If you are a program manager, patient, clinician, practitioner, researcher, systems worker, data scientist, or a person looking for reason, hope, answers for powerful, productive, improving and beneficent change, then this site is a way toward such objective.  The password for access to secured areas of this website is the following word. It is now necessary to join the website to view content.

This information shows that the world is getting better. Look around you and consider the information in this compendium of research and know the limitless possibilities 

The information here acknowledges the 12, 20 and 50 or more factors at are essential in enabling optimal physiology and behavior. Since 1841 or 1878 when these capabilities of preventing or alleviating 99.9999 percent of disease or detrimental outcomes, or thousands of years before, it has been essential to distinguish these shaping influences which have systems as their priority from one's on endogenous inclination and requirements.     

The indefinitely sustainable gift of vit