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We find the molecular, systemic, metabolic and lifestyle levels factors required for less than optimal behavior,  disease, aging as well as optimal behavior, perception, cognition and health. Our objective is to provide objective understanding of the cause of detrimental outcomes, and then assist by providing factors, mechanisms, information and technologies which enable indefinite health, span of being and optimal behavior.

Systemic contexts, events, and outcomes are utilize to understand causalities and solutions.

Simplified Hydride integration and phospholipid synthesis by PEMT.jpg
PEMT status and competion among Choline, Hydride, phosphocholine, membrane integrity, NAD,
Hydride montage A.jpg
Hydride montage B.jpg
Hydride montage C.jpg
Hydride montage D.jpg
Hydride montage E.jpg
The hydridic tunnel into the emerging physiology, enables consciousness and the impetus to